African Wildlife Foundation

Holtzman Wildlife Foundation completed a $150,000 grant to support the creation of new dog detection unit in the Canines for Conservation program in Tanzania.

A Continent in Crisis

Africa is home to several keystone wildlife species that face extinction–including the mountain gorilla, Ethiopian wolf and Grevy’s zebra. Critical to protecting these vital ecosystems? People. Enter The African Wildlife Foundation–which was established in 1961 to focus on the continent’s wildlife conservation, land and habitat protection, community empowerment and economic development.

Canines for Conservation

The Holtzman Wildlife Foundation supported the African Wildlife Foundation’s Canines for Conservation program, which trains and deploys dogs to airports, seaports and other illegal trafficking centers to help discover illegal shipments of ivory, rhino horn and other wildlife products. The program’s success has already been demonstrated, with trained dogs positioned at airports in Kenya and Uganda. Now, the program has been put in place in Tanzania.