International Animal Rescue US

Holtzman Wildlife Foundation made a grant of $155,000 to International Animal Rescue US to supports its education and advocacy activities designed to protect orangutan habitat in southwest Borneo.

Wildlife Under Threat

As human populations grow, wildlife comes under increasing threat. Enter International Animal Rescue–who save animals from suffering, rehabilitate them and release them back into the wild, all while working to protect their natural habitats. By rescuing animals belonging to species like the orangutan, and reintroducing them into protected areas of the wild, IAR’s work plays a role in the conservation of the species as a whole.

A Deeper Level of Care

Holtzman Wildlife Foundation made a grant to support the International Animal Rescue’s Orangutan Centre in Indonesian Borneo. The project was focused on protecting the orangutan habitat in the Pematang Gadung and Sungai Besar Community Forest, and included efforts to encourage sustainable farming practices, establish forest patrols, start a fire prevention unit and launch a research center to monitor the health of the forest.