Project Updates

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August 2023

Bushlife Conservancy recently completed a permanent anti-poaching control base in Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe which the Holtzman Wildlife Foundation funded. The base protects wild dogs, elephants, and more wildlife from poaching in Mana Pools.

In 2021, the Holtzman Wildlife Foundation supported the Endangered Species Protection Agency in its effort to protect the minke whale and create a documentary expose on the whaling industry in Norway. The investigative documentary has been completed and will soon be distributed to help educate Norway's residents and the rest of the world about the perils of the whaling industry. The documentary is available to VIEW.

July 2023

In 2021, the Holtzman Wildlife Foundation supported the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station in south Florida with a $100,000 commitment toward its capital campaign to build a new facility. Pelican Harbor reports that the capital campaign has nearly reached its goal and construction will begin on the new facility this fall.

Endangered Wildlife Trust shared an interim report on the project to reintroduce the African Wild Dogs in South Africa. The Wild Dog needs safe space to reproduce and grow its population. The first year of our two-year grant has been successful in acquiring "starter kits" to help ensure the safety of the dogs when they are introduced to a new reserve.

June 2023

Lilongwe Wildlife Centre submitted its final report for our project to support veterinary equipment at Malawi's only wildlife sanctuary and rescue center. The equipment has been put to use help injured, orphaned, and abused wild animals.

The Foundation received a final report from Re:Wild, the Costa Rica Wildlife Foundation, for our project that supported anti-poaching efforts for tapirs. In addition to be highly successful in this mission, the organization even discovered a new species of frogs in Costa Rica.

May 2023

The Holtzman Wildlife Foundation was listed as a gold donor for our support in the recent construction and outfitting of VulPro’s on-site veterinary hospital. This hospital enables VulPro to provide immediate, high-quality care to their injured and sick vultures.

Oncafari started construction of four enclosures that are a part of Santa Sofia's Reserve Reintroduction Center. The enclosures were designed to mimic all natural environments that animals will face once released into the wild.

April 2023

Our foundation presented the interim report on the grant to fund the purchase of veterinary equipment intended for the project of rescuing and rehabilitating Ground Pangolins in Zimbabwe.

Painted Dog Conservation released their 2022 Annual Report to highlight the organization's full efforts of their life saving work for the endangered African wild dog aka painted dog. View the 2022 Annual Report HERE.