About Us

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Our mission is to reduce and reverse negative human and environmental impact on endangered wildlife by funding and supporting projects that create lasting change through education, advocacy, and repopulation worldwide.

We encourage educational initiatives, with a strong emphasis on environmental impact and endangered species protection.

We seek to influence public policy on endangered species by supporting organizations that engage in education and advocacy activities.

We support projects that directly combat human-caused harm to endangered wildlife, such as encroachment, exploitation, environmental damage and disease. These projects preserve and repopulate endangered species in their natural habitats.


Holtzman Wildlife Foundation was founded in 2015 with a mission to assist small, grant-funded projects get the backing and exposure they need to improve outcomes for endangered species. The Foundation has a history of providing successful grants to projects on every continent in the world, as well as the oceans and the air.

At Holtzman Wildlife Foundation, we strongly believe that lasting change comes from impactful projects led by bold, passionate visionaries. As a grantmaker, we invest in outstanding people and organizations creating sustainable change in the world.


Holtzman Wildlife Foundation is a privately funded foundation. Outside donations are not accepted, however, we encourage support of these great organizations directly. Links to their websites can be found on our project pages.