Sustentare / ONÇAFARI

Holtzman Wildlife Foundation made a grant to Sustentare for its partner organization Oncafari to construct a new facility to help protect the endangered jaguars of Brazil.

Brazilian Jaguars in Danger

Although the Pantanal is Brazil’s best-preserved biome, jaguars occupy just 47%, and the effective size of the population is estimated at less than 1,000 individuals. Hunting for retaliation, preventive, and recreational purposes is the main problem leading to the reduction of these jaguars.

Protection Through Ecotourism

The Foundation awarded a $50,000 grant to Sustentare, the US partner of ONÇAFARI, a Brazilian wildlife organization. The grant will support ONÇAFARI’s effort to establish several “re-wilding” facilities. ONÇAFARI has had considerable success in re-introducing injured or orphaned jaguars into the wild, and it now wishes to establish facilities that will allow it to re-introduce other endangered species into Brazil’s tropical forest, including tapirs and Pantanal deer. The grant supported the construction of these re-wilding facilities over a two-year period.