Oceanic Preservation Society

Holtzman Wildlife Foundation granted $34,000 to support the production of a film about the Leuser Ecosystem.

An Ecosystem Under Threat

The Leuser Ecosystem is the last place where Sumatran tigers, organutans, rhinos and elephants live together in the wild. However, this critical land is fast being lost to threats like the palm oil industry.

Helping the Cause

Holtzman Wildlife Foundation awarded a grant to the Oceanic Preservation Society to support the production of a film about the Leuser Ecosystem, which comprises nearly seven million acres of jungle on the Indonesian Island of Sumatra.

Leuser: The Last Place on Earth

In order to combat the work being done by the palm oil industry in Sumatra, the Oceanic Preservation Society created Leuser: The Last Place on Earth—a thrilling action-adventure documentary that delves deep into the extraordinary Leuser Ecosystem. An undercover film team chronicled the plights of the heroes fighting to save this biodiversity hotspot on the Island of Sumatra, Indonesia from rampant corruption and destruction.