Detroit Zoological Society

Holtzman Wildlife Foundation granted $500,000 for the renovation and expansion of the Detroit Zoo’s red panda habitat.

A Growing Zoo

With the successful opening of the Polk Penguin Conservation Center in 2016–also supported by Holtzman Wildlife Foundation–the Detroit Zoo is sustaining its momentum in enhancing its habitats for the benefit of the animals in their care and the zoo's more than 1.5 million annual visitors. Red pandas are among the zoo’s most popular and beloved animal residents.

Red Panda-monium

Thanks in part to a major gift from Holtzman Wildlife Foundation, the Zoo has completed a major renovation and expansion of the red panda habitat. The Holtzman Wildlife Foundation Red Panda Forest provides a larger and more stimulating naturalistic environment that ensures the red pandas' welfare while creating a more impactful educational experience for visitors.

Red Panda Habitat, Reimagined

The completed project increased the size of the previous red panda habitat from 10,000 square feet to more than 14,000–providing these endangered and charismatic animals with a lush, natural environment that ensures their overall physical and psychological well-being.

A new holding building to house the pandas was also constructed, and features multiple spacious enclosures equipped with several enriching features, as well as heating and cooling. The Holtzman Red Panda Forest officially opened on December 10, 2018.

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