Rhino Conservation Botswana Trust USA

Holtzman Wildlife Foundation has made a grant of $125,000 to Rhino Conservation Botswana Trust USA.

Rhinos in Danger of Extinction

Rhinos could be extinct within 10 years if they continue to decline at their current rate. This animal is a crucial part of the ecosystems that sustain our planet, and their survival is inextricably linked to our own. That’s why we need to work hard to give them a future.

Protecting the Rhinos

The Holtzman Wildlife Foundation has made a grant to support the construction of a remote base of operations in the Botswana bush that will allow RCB to increase its monitoring of rhinos and protect the rhinos from poaching.

The base will be situated within a core rhino area, being a permanent fixture in an area where an official presence is currently lacking. The base will reduce travel time to the target area so that patrols can start immediately and last longer, cover more of these critical areas and save a large amount of time and fuel each day.