King Baudouin Foundation United States / Endangered Wildlife Trust

Holtzman Wildlife Foundation has granted $25,000 to the King Baudouin Foundation United States for its partner, Endangered Wildlife Trust, to reimburse farmers for loses and discourage killing Wild Dogs.

Protecting African Wild Dogs

The Foundation has made a grant to the King Baudouin Foundation US to support a project that will discourage farmers from killing African Wild Dogs on their farmland. The Wild Dogs often choose a spot to have pups on or near farmland because it can be safer. Yet fearing that the Wild Dogs will kill their animals, farmers can be inclined to kill the dogs. This conflict is particularly problematic in the case of game farms, where the Wild Dogs’ natural prey, such as Impalas, are raised.

This program funded by the Holtzman Wildlife Foundation encourages game farmers to protect the Wild Dogs and will reimburse the farmers for any game stock lost to Wild Dog kills. KBF is working with the Endangered Wildlife Trust to implement this project.

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