The Stony Brook Foundation

Holtzman Wildlife Foundation has granted $106,700 for two wildlife projects at the Centre ValBio in Madagascar–consisting of village education and lemur translocation.

Lemurs in Danger

Despite being an island nation with remarkable and diverse biological life, much of Madagascar’s wildlife teeters on the verge of extinction. Madagascar is the only country where lemurs can be found in the wild, but 90% of its 103 species of lemur are in danger of disappearing from Earth.

Lemur Translocation

With the help of Holtzman Wildlife Foundation, Centre ValBio is translocating a male and two female Proplithecus verrauxi from Zombitze Reserve to Isalo National Park and translocating six critically endangered Prolemur simus from the forest near Karaianga Ivato to Ranomafana National Park.

Village Education

The second project Holtzman Wildlife Foundation is supporting focuses on educating Malagasy children on the importance of lemur conservation through mass viewing of the IMAX movie, Island of Lemurs: Madagascar 3-6 times per year.