Jane Goodall Institute Nepal

Holtzman Wildlife Foundation has granted $74,000 for various projects designed to protect the Ganges River Dolphin.

Astonishing Species Decline

The Ganges River Dolphin once flourished in the Southern rivers of Nepal–adapting to freshwater aquatic ecosystems over millions of years. Since 2006, Jane Goodall Institute Nepal has observed and addressed five threats affecting the Ganges River Dolphin–commercial fishing, sedimentation, watershed pollutants, noise contamination and the use of pesticides.

Protector of the River

Jane Goodall Institute Nepal is successfully assessing the watershed these dolphins inhabit, while simultaneously mitigating known threats such as chemical pesticides and commercial fishing through grassroots conservation initiatives, education programs and political action.

Diving into Action

Holtzman Wildlife Foundation is funding various JGI-Nepal projects designed to protect the Ganges River Dolphin and its habitat. This includes mobilizing local communities and youth groups in Nepal and engaging local and national government to develop a Dolphin Protection Action Plan.