Guidelines & Priorities

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Our Guidelines

Holtzman Wildlife Foundation offers project support to U.S. public charities that share its values and goals. The Foundation is fully committed for grants that will be paid in 2024—we plan to make 10 grants of $25,000 to $50,000 in 2025. Projects that are closely aligned with our priorities will receive consideration for support.

Visit our about page or explore our projects for a clearer idea of who and what we fund.

Our Priorities

Holtzman Wildlife Foundation is interested in supporting projects and organizations for which a grant might have a long-term transformational impact on the organization and on the species, habitat, or policy of interest.

We’re seeking to develop partnerships with small, lesser-known organizations (or projects) led by visionary leaders; large, well-funded projects are of significantly less interest. By providing strategic funding to these projects, Holtzman Wildlife Foundation aims to bring greater attention and support for the organization’s work.

Higher priority will be given to projects that focus on:

Holtzman Wildlife Foundation is NOT INTERESTED in funding:


The Holtzman Wildlife Foundation is not currently accepting new Letters of Inquiry or applications. Our grant funds for 2024 are fully committed. When we are able to consider new projects, we will provide notice on this page.

We feel honored to have funded dozens of projects focused on education, advocacy, and repopulation in support of endangered species, and know there are many more organizations doing excellent work—we regret we cannot invest in all of them.