Project Updates

Click here to view a master list of Holtzman Wildlife Foundation grantees and projects.

April 2023

Our foundation presented the interim report on the grant to fund the purchase of veterinary equipment intended for the project of rescuing and rehabilitating Ground Pangolins in Zimbabwe.

Painted Dog Conservation released their 2022 Annual Report to highlight the organization's full efforts of their life saving work for the endangered African wild dog aka painted dog. View the 2022 Annual Report HERE.

December 2022

MarAlliance conducted a Belize Barrier Reef wide census of marine turtles with Belize's traditional fishers. Their study of the spatial ecology of key species and demographics provides insight into how to mitigate threats and focus conservation.

Pelican Harbor Seabird Station raised eight-million dollars for a new state-of-the-art wildlife hospital to further their capital campaign milestone. The 2.6-acre property will serve the greater community and allow for individualized care for every patient.

Dr. Rachel Graham received the Oceana Belize Ocean Hero Award—honoring Belizeans for their accomplishments in ocean conservation, advocacy, and education.

October 2020

During their 2020 Giving Day for Apes, GRACE raises more than $32,000 for Grauer's gorillas—ensuring the apes continue to thrive with healthy forest habitats and vegetation.

September 2020

ADI Wildlife Sanctuary completes rescues of 12 tigers and 5 lions from Guatemala, while building a sanctuary in South Africa for over 40 big cats

July 2020

The NhRP filed its appellate brief​ in the First Judicial Department and expects to appear before the court for oral argument on behalf of Happy in or about November 2020.

May 2020

The Nonhuman Rights Project applauds a decision issued by the Islamabad High Court in Pakistan that “without any hesitation” affirms the rights of nonhuman animals, and specifically orders the release to sanctuary of an Asian elephant named Kaavan held in solitary confinement at the Marghazar Zoo. Click here to learn more.

Animals Asia rescues two bears from a bile farm which was part of a restaurant just north of Hanoi, Vietnam. The bears, which were named Florence and Clara, were fittingly rescued on International Nurses Day. Click here to read more.