Project Updates

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November 2019

Painted Dog Conservancy begins its second, and biggest, phase of reconstruction work supported by Holtzman Wildlife Foundation. The phase includes destroying the old buildings and making way for the new construction to improve infrastructure. This will enable the nonprofit to construct office, research lab and accommodation that will last for many, many years to come.

October 2019

Thanks to funding from the Holtzman Wildlife Foundation, Oceanic Preservation Society completes its film detailing the importance of preserving the indigenous wildlife habitat on the island of Sumatra.

Justice Alison Y. Tuitt of the Bronx Supreme Court grants the Nonhuman Rights Project’s request for a temporary restraining order that prevents the Bronx Zoo from moving their elephant client, Happy, out of New York State before an upcoming hearing in her historic elephant rights case.

September 2019

GRACE celebrates World Gorilla Day on September 24 with a pioneering project—a 24/7 gorilla livestream! The nonprofit also holds several celebratory community events in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo including tree planting, radio broadcasts and the region's first ever competitive race. Click here to read more.

GRACE is awarded Accredited status by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS), the only globally recognized organization providing standards for identifying excellence in animal sanctuaries. GRACE is the first great ape sanctuary in Africa to receive GFAS accreditation. Click here to read more.

August 2019

Thanks to funding from Holtzman Wildlife Foundation, Detroit Zoo staff are able to travel across the globe to participate in several activities to advance wildlife conservation and raise awareness about important issues affecting wildlife today.

Animal Defenders International rescues 27 lions from circuses in Peru and Columbia.

July 2019

A few weeks after Happy the elephant's plight went viral online—thanks to the Nonhuman Rights Project—NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson makes a public statement urging the Bronx Zoo to release Happy and Patty (a second elephant at the zoo) to a sanctuary. NhRC is now running both a digital and physical campaign for Happy, urging people to get involved in the #FreeHappy initiative. Click here to learn more.

June 2019

Nonhuman Rights Project holds a rally outside the Bronx Zoo in support of freedom for its client, Happy—a 48-year-old, wild-born Asian elephant who has been held captive for decades and forced to live alone. Click here to learn more.

April 2019

Centre ValBio greatly expands its 30-year conservation education efforts in Madagascar to include showings of the IMAX film, Island of the Lemurs. In the initial launch, over 5000 Malagasy children in 35 rural villages throughout the island nation viewed the film. In addition, it was shown on National Television (TVM) for wider viewership.